Welcome to macsdeli.com!

Mac's Deli was established in May of 2007 and sold to the
Millette family in December of 2009.
We pride ourselves on providing a deli sandwich that is
second to none.
Mac's is located at 426 US Route One in Scarborough, Maine,
almost directly across from Len Libby's Candy
Our Deli Hours:
Monday thru Friday from 800am to 3:00pm
 Closed~ Saturday & Sunday
Catering is available 7 Days a Week

Phone & Fax Orders Welcome!
Please Allow 10 Minutes for Grilled Sandwiches and Paninis, Thank You!
Wednesday's Specials & Soup Of The Day!
American Chop Suey w/ A Whole Wheat Roll $6.75!

Beef, Vegetble, & Barley
Creamy Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cheddar, & Potato
$3.75/ $4.75

1/2 Cold Sand. w/ Sm Soup $7.25
Grilled Cheese w/ Sm Soup $7.05
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